About Us

Working hard to make SEO easy. 

What we do:

SEORankings.com is the hub from which you can access all our integrated and affordable services. Owned by Easy Internet Services Ltd, we are an industry leader in delivering SEO services in the UK. Established in 2000, Easy Internet Services Ltd was the first SEO Agency to offer a no placement, no fee digital marketing guarantee.

With lots of individuals and small businesses priced out of the digital platform, we have come up with a marketing service which will help level the playing field. Search engine optimisation can be time-consuming and sometimes tedious process. However, we have found that by using the right tools and with some effort on the client’s part, SEO can become easy. Hence the term “Assisted SEO”.

Our services are designed to be superb standalone, or meshed together to add extra gears to your online presence and extend your reach.

For businesses, individuals, non-profit organisations, charities and community clubs – we cater for anyone and anything.

The internet couldn’t be easier!